Saturday, October 21, 2006

Laura Shook

I am so glad to be back in Costa Rica, and especially in La Carpio! It is always exciting to see the same children return to the clinic that we have seen for several years, and to see how they have grown, and to see the new little brothers and sisters that have been added to their families! We've had two full days of seeing patients. One special thing that happened today is a set of new 4 month old twins who came to the clinic! They were beautiful babies, and it was such a special priveledge to be able to pray for them as they are starting out in life. Dr. Rita and I have a special assistant - Carlos - a great young 14 year old who we have fallen in love with! He has been so much fun and it is obvious that he is very intelligent and has so much potential! Please pray for Carlos that God would continue to teach him and grow him in the wisdom and knowledge of Him. Thank you for praying for us while we're here! We depend on your prayers! - Laura


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