Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dr. Mark Barhorst

Christian Sylvan is a desperate young man, living in La Carpio, with his wife and two children separated from him by divorce. Life has been hard for him. Severe depression and possibly schizophrenia make it difficult for him to function in what is already a tough place to make it in life. Demon drug use may have played a role in his mental illness too, but he's clean now. He lost his job and soon after his family a year ago, and that's when drugs got him, in a moment of despair, of weakness, he succumbed. Without a job he can't afford his psych meds, which has him severely depressed at this time.

Yesterday we prayed with Christian, told him what his name means(he had no idea), and got him several months of his meds to help him get on his feet.A Bible you all provided him has his name written on its inner cover now.

Please put him in your prayers too.

Thanks to you all, and to our savior Jesus Christ, for putting me here to reach out to the people of La Carpio.

Dr. Mark


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