Monday, March 13, 2006

Work Day in Coronda--Children's Home (Monday)

The beautiful thing about Coronado besides the mountains, hanging clouds and lush scenery is the sweet hearts of the children in our home there. Presently, there are six children who have developed more wonderfully than we knew how to ask or think. They ha ve been loved back to health and the sparkle in their eyes is a clear look into their little hearts. Their progress is one that cannot be explained by psychotherapy or medicines but the agape love of the house parents and directors Roxanna and Noel. They have become attached and secure in their environment. This is evident by their wonderful behavior and progress in school and community. Their interaction and love of the dogs and pig is just great to witness. Emmanuel, our failure to thrive kiddo is thriving just great, thank you!!! This was so very rewarding to see. Thank you Champion Forest!!! and our fearless leader Morris.

Dr. Rita

have you ever seen impatiens growing wild up and down mountainsides? today's trip to the orphanage was simply beautiful, especially in contrast to where we've been in la carpio. there is so much potential to reach and disciple many children,one-by-one, through the orphanage, a plan/ministry that will really actually change lives and send these little ones back into their world with a heart for God. it is truly living out Jesus' scriptural precedent of caring for orphans. amazing!

i've been thinking about it, and i've narrowed it down to only about six kids that i think i need to bring home. is that o.k., duane? (see you thursday!)


Blogger kari said...

momma (becky momma),
i just knew the Lord would steal your heart at the orphanage...and the kids too! i can't wait to hear the stories. oh, won't Heaven be fun, mom? eternal stories of God's faithfulness and goodness to every tribe, tongue, and nation. I think i'll make rotations around the misssionary table. :)
can't wait for you to get home.

love, kari

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