Monday, February 20, 2006

March 2006 Team

The people making up our March 2006 Team are: Dr. Mark Barhorst, Carolina Bell, Tricia Burns, Cesar DeVargas, Theresa Gomez, Cassie Hibbert, Lorraine Hibbert, Jonathan Inabnit, Dr. Rita Lakes, Becky Marshall, Danielia Mickan, Ronald Ramsey, Stephen "Ram" Ramsey, Haley Rand, Lisa Rand, Emily Sedate, Sonny Sedate, Tiffany Sedate, Trey Sedate, Johnathan Siefert, Paul Stirling, and Morris Horner.

Our tenative schedule:
March 9--Depart Houston
March 10 - 12--Bible Clubs, Feed the Children, and Medical Clinics in LaCarpio
March 13--Light Construction at the Children's Home in Coronado
March 14 - 15--Travel and Vacation Day
March 16--Return to Houston

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

March 2006 Trip

Thank you for taking the time to read our pre-trip information. As the date for our trip approaches we will provide you with information through our blog.

Currently, we have 22 people going on this trip. Beginning tonight we start meeting to plan what we will be doing on this trip to strengthen our connect to the people there. Please pray that we will have clear direction as we plan the Bible lessons, music, and activities we will do with the children to present the foundational trusts of the gospel to them.--Morris