Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The sunset goes down on our day at Coronado.

Man...that trim paint really stinks!

Time to clean up...

And more paint...

And more paint...

Praying and painting?

Lovely shade of blue! Did you pick it out, Ram?

Not sure who is having the most fun...the gringos or the children

The rain forest...right behind the orphanage

I'm not sure who is having the most fun...the gringos are the children

Helping the children get ready to start school

Help the kids prepare for school

The pictures says it all!

Dr. Keller and 2 of the boys...

On the way to Coronada...PJ, Roxeana, and Chaco

Back to Houston

We arrived at the airport at 11 AM on Thursday to discover that our flight was delayed...3 hours! So we spend the next 5 1/2 hours talking, eating, sleeping, walking, reading, worshipping, and anything else we could find to do...

Departure on this trip was much different from previous trip---for the first time I was ready to leave Costa Rica and return to Houston. I believe many of us was faced with some realities on this trip that we had not faced on prior trips. So, I encourage you to continue to pray for us as we process those realities over the next days and weeks.

I believe everyone came back very tired, so I encourage you to pray for everyone to have renew strength. As each one served out of the overflow of God's spirit working in them, it was a challenge to keep full...pray that we will be renewed spiritually--full and overflowing.

Thank you for taking time to read our website. Your encouraging words have been a blessing to us. And thanks for the prayers!- Morris

Final Day in Costa Rica

On Wednesday, February 23, we took time to sight see and shop. We travel to a volcano about an hour from San Jose. It was very cloudy that day, so we couldn't see the craters. However, the walk to the top was incredible. It was a tropical wonderland.

After we left the volcano, we stop for a traditional Costa Rican lunch. YUMMY! I love the food there. The fact that I gained 3 pounds testifies to that fact...

Our afternoon was spend shopping...the native crafts are incredible. I think everyone's suitcase came back much heavier. - Morris

Painting at Coronado

I apologize for not updating the website on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think everyone was trying to process the trip mentally, spiritually, and physically.

On Tuesday, February 22, we travel to Coronade to see the children in the first home and to paint the inside of the activities building. I can't tell you what a blessing it was to see the home with children living in it. I had imagined what it would look and feel like since June, 2003. The reality far exceeds my imagination. It is obviously a place where love dwells.

Dr. Rita, Dr. Keller, and PJ gave the children a good medical exam. And found that they were thriving in there new environment. God is so good.

Noel was very happy with the amount of work we completed at the activities building. Basically, all of the indoor painting is complete. And it is beautful. I sense the building will be a blessing to the community and will honor to our Lord. -Morris