Saturday, March 11, 2006

2nd Day in LaCarpio (continued)

Words are not enough to describe the condition that the people of LaCarpio live in. My heart is specially touched my the elderly. Please keep this special group in your prayers. Their bodies ache from so many years of living a hard life. They however tend to their grand children, as their own. Pray that God becomes real to them, through hope and love. Many appreciated the bibles, however few can read them.

Irma Alvarez

wow--today was long--long---but worth every minute----we saw double the number of people
and my heart was touched by the babies (10 and 12 year olds) bringing in babies ( 2-6 year olds) for treatment----i pray that GOD give us the grace to see even more people tomorrow---please pray for the children


We're at the end of our second day - and we're tired, grimy, and very happy (kinda like middle school camp). Every child is a unique treasure from the LORD - no less here than in Houston. The kids here are sweet (mostly), well behaved (sometimes), friendly (always), and quiet (ok - almost never...they are kids after all). I have difficulty in communicating because I never learned any Spanish (I took Latin in high school because the teacher was nicer). Tomorrow we will be saying "adios" to La Carpio. It will be difficult to leave these sweet children. Someone told me that "Ad" means "to, toward, or near" (from the Latin) - and "Dios" means "God". If you will please pray for the children of La Carpio as we bid them adios tomorrow. That they would be nearer God than before. We are grateful for this opportunity and those that have planted seeds before us. Thanks and God bless you. Adios.



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